FormCalc Does Spreadsheet-like Calculations on QuickBooks Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders and More

For almost as long as QuickBooks has been on the market, QuickBooks users have wanted for the ability to have across-column calculations and column totals on Invoices, Estimates, Purchase Orders and other forms. FormCalc for QuickBooks, from Flagship Technologies, Inc. (, is now available to fill that need.

FormCalc lets users set up calculations which add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers in two columns and put the result in a third column; or do math on two columns and multiply the result by another numeric value before writing it to a third column; or display a count of unique items in a column, in the Description field of any line; or provide column subtotals or totals.

The user controls where column subtotals and totals appear by identifying certain QuickBooks Items as “trigger items”. When FormCalc encounters a line containing a trigger item, it puts the column subtotal or total on that line.

Users can define any number of calculations to apply to various columns on a form, and apply all of them at once by pressing a hotkey. Also, users can define as many as ten sets of calculations. So if different calculations are needed on Invoices and on Purchase Orders, a separate set of calculations can be defined for each.

Maybe the most unique thing about FormCalc is that it works directly on the QuickBooks form, in real time, so users immediately get to see the results of calculations before saving or printing the form. There’s no need for a separate step of exporting the form’s data to do calculations outside of QuickBooks, then re-importing the data again.

What kinds of things are FormCalc users doing with it? They are calculating per-item and total shipping weights for Invoices, totaling estimated labor requirements on job Estimates, calculating board feet for lumber pricing on Invoices, showing prices in two different currencies, totaling invoiced alcohol sales quantities to meet requirements for liquor taxation record keeping, totaling the number of shirts of each size (S, M, L, XL) on an Invoice, and much more.

FormCalc for QuickBooks is priced at $99 for a single-user license, with lower per-license pricing for multi-user licenses. FormCalc is compatible with Microsoft Windows versions of all QuickBooks editions (Simple Start, Basic, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc.), and also with all international editions (U.S., UK, Canadian, and Australian).

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