Businesses Use 1099 Tax Software from to Generate Ready to Email 1099 1099s in PDF Format

Real Business Solutions (, a leading 1099 software provider, drives cost and time savings for small businesses and 1099 processing services. Through W2 Mate, the 1099 tax solution offered by the company, businesses can generate secure and IRS-compliant 1099 forms in PDF format. The PDF 1099s can then be sent to contractors and recipients instead of paper copies, which delivers tangible money and time-saving benefits to US businesses.W2 Mate software has some of the best 1099 software reviews in the industry.

The PDF 1099 FORMS feature available in W2 Mate makes issuing 1099s to recipients as simple as sending email. No forms to print, no envelopes to stuff, no paper cuts, no postage and no headache. Just enter recipient information, generate a PDF file and email. Says W2 Mate product manager Nancy Walters.

A FREE 1099 Software trial of the software can be downloaded from and evaluated FREE of charge. The 2010 version of W2 Mate supports 2010 1099 forms and 2010 W2 forms for filing in tax year 2011,

W2 Mate was the first 1099 software to introduce the ability to generate secure PDF 1099 forms and PDF W2 Forms. The resulting PDF 1099 forms can be emailed to consenting recipients instead of paper 1099 copies. Emailing 1099 forms saves businesses precious time and money. Large organizations such as banks, factories and universities are currently using electronic delivery of 1099 forms to reduce the costly and labor-intensive process of printing and then distributing these forms by mail.

The PDF files generated by the W2 Mate W2 / 1099 compliance software are encrypted and require a password in order to be opened. This makes sending these files by e-mail or any other electronic means more secure. The electronic version of form 1099 generated by W2 Mate contains all required information and complies with applicable IRS procedures relating to substitute statements to recipients.

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